Fishing Reports

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2015 Fishing Reports...

Pyramid Lake-April 8 thru April 14--The weather was great and the fishing was outstanding.  The first couple days we targeted fish in the top 40 ft. of water.  This depth was great for catching the cookie cutters.  Later we decided to target larger fish by trolling 10 ft. off bottom.  This produced numerous fish but we never found any trophies.  Had one solid fish on at a 100 ft. but lost it.  We put lots of time and effort in searching but we didn't get the big ones to play.
We also were able to pick up some nice fish from the bank, early am and late afternoon, throwing spoons.

Lures of choice--Our Double Flutter Lure in Frog, our new Perch, Glow with Code Blue and Nickel Code Blue.  We also had great success with our spoons.

All in all a great trip.

Please note...Always check the weather before you head to Pyramid.  Wind can be brutal for launching and taking out your boat.

Here are just a few of our pics.

Sly Park Lake-March 28--For a change of venue my clients wanted to fish at Sly Park for a chance at a trophy Brown.  I assured them there were also some large macks still left in the lake, too.  FYI-Gates don't open up until 8:00 am right now.  Started fishing normal areas where the macks and browns have been found in years past.  Marked quite a few fish but no takers.  Talked to some other folks out fishing, they weren't having any luck either.  As the day progressed we moved into the shallows behind the islands, trolling in 38 ft. of water, we came across a large mound in the water holding a large number of fish.  Around 1:30, we finally had a taker.  My client, Chris Gale, of Swansboro, saw the take down, skillfully picked up the rod and started battling this fish.  Instantly we new it was a very large fish.  With a massive run, we figured it was going to be a large brown.  After clearing all of the other rods, we had to start the main motor and give chase.  Our first glimpse of the fish was very exciting.  All we saw in the murky water 20 ft. behind the boat was a big silver flash.  Still not sure what we had.  The massive fish took another dive toward the bottom.  Chris applied pressure and was able to bring the fish back up to the surface.  Can't repeat what we were all saying, but we were all excited because it turned out to be a monster Mack.   Because this fish was so big, it took all I had to get it partially into the net before it flipped back out.  All in all, we were able to get it in the boat.   Fish measured 37 inches long and weighed in at 19.7 lbs.  Possibly a new lake record for mackinaw.  Chris has decided that this fish is going to go on his wall, so to the taxidermy it went. 
This fish had absolutely nothing in its stomach.  It was the most silver mackinaw I have seen.  Fat as tick and extremely long.
Congratulations to Chris on a fine catch.
We caught this beauty on our Signature Mackinaw Dodger with a frozen herring trailing behind.

With the current drought conditions, the lakes are going to be low but fishable.  

We are currently fishing Union Valley Reservoir for the Mackinaw.  Fishing is starting to pick up.  We have been averaging 3-5 fish per day.  The largest fish over the past 3 trips was right at 20 lbs.  Caught by Nickolas Maynard, of Swansboro.

The lake is starting to stabilize with the rising water.  And the fishing is starting to improve.

Best set ups so far have been our Signature dodger trailed by a frozen herring/Krilledible hoochie combo.  Also our new Perch colored Double Flutter Lures.

2014 Fishing Reports

Union Valley--5/21-24--Fished UVR for 5 straight days.  Found consistent mackinaw action trolling and jigging.  The code blue dodger with a hoochie and a frozen herring produced quite a few mackinaw in the 4-6 lb range.  However the trophy fish that we are catching right now are being caught while jigging a frozen herring off the bottom on the rocky points.  Bill Hayes of Citrus Heights put this beautiful trophy UVR mack in the boat after a long battle on lite line while jigging.  This fish measured 37 inches long, 21 inch girth tipped the scale at 22.7 lbs.  A tad smaller than last weeks fish, it is still the 2nd big fish we put in the boat in the last 10 days.  Bite continues to improve.
Bill's Union Valley Trophy!

 Union Valley--5/14--Had a fantastic day fishing at UVR yesterday.  Took out a great group of guys just back from Iraq.  Early am start.  We were able to find some nice kokes in the usual places.  About mid day we decided to go try for some macks.  We were able to find a lot of rat macks in the 2-4 lb. range.  Since it has been a full moon, we decided to go back and try for some more kokanee and come back to the macks later in the afternoon.  Late afternoon we headed out to one of my favorite secret spots to see if we could locate some trophy macks.  Since one of the fellas hadn't been able to catch anything all day we all decided he would be the first one up to bat.  We located some large arcs at 47 ft.  so down went a 2 oz. weight with a 3o inch leader with a frozen herring.  We were able to watch the weight drop down on the fish finder right next to the biggest arc.  Then the fun began.  This fish went from about 47 ft. of water out to about 110 ft.  After about a 26 minute long battle on light line we were finally able to get this beats into the net.  Just in time for the frayed leader to give out.  What a great fish.  She is definitely going to be a wall hanger.  She measured 37 inches long and 21 inches around her girth.  She was also full with a 14 inch small mouth bass, a limit of kokanee all about 12 inches long and all in various stages of digestion and we also found a decayed treble hook.  We spent 10 hrs on the water trying to make sure these veterans had a great fun relaxing day.  All of us got more than we bargained for.
Matt Hayes with his Union Valley Reservoir Trophy.

Union Valley--2/22--Had a couple of great guys on board yesterday.  They were quite up front about their intentions to learn how to catch the monster macks.  We started at 7:30am and headed toward the local feeding grounds.  I explained it was very important to know where these big macks stage prior to feeding after coming up from the depths.  We started searching in 70-80 ft. of water and it was not long before we located some very large arcs.  We made several passes thru this zone with nothing but on the 4th pass we noticed one of the huge arcs moved up to 30 ft. off bottom.  At this point all of our gear was 10-20 ft. off bottom.  Decided to come back thru the zone with fresh bait and a fresh charge on the Code Blue dodger.  Held the gear at 20, 30 and 40 ft. off bottom.  We found the huge arc in the same area and this time he darted straight for the sown rigger ball.  I increased boat speed to almost 3 mph to bring the presentation closer to the fish and then slowed back to 0.9.  Looked at the screen and we could see the large arc was still with us.  And rod #2 was doing the familiar dance of a big fish.  After a long battle this trophy was netted, photographed and gently put back.  The fish was bloated with small baitfish.  It was approx. 40 inches long and over 20 lbs.  Lure of choice was our 10  inch code Blue Signature dodger trailed by a n 8 inch frozen herring.  Smother in Pro Cure Herring Gel.  We were using a GLoomis Med. action rod with 12# test.  These beats are fun on the light line and gear.  This was the only strike of the day.  We saw several bait balls in the water and at times the small bait was jumping out of the water.  My guess is the macks were coming up for dinner and that is why the bite has slowed some.

                                          Union Valley "Big Mack"  2/24/14

Union Valley--1/24-27--Fished UVR for 3 days straight.  Found fishing conditions just down right phenomenal.  Everything cooperated, weather, wind and the fish.  Water temp. was 43.7 degrees.  Lake level has stabilized.  Pray for Rain!!  We had big fish numbers all 3 days.  Found that our Code Blue 8 or 10 inch dodgers with our Krilledible hoochie and Herring was our top producer.  2nd best set up was our Crush Glow Dodger or our Gold and Silver Double Flutter.  We fished in 50-90 ft. of water.  Found large numbers of hungry macks on the rocky humps surrounded by deep water.  Fish averaged 3-5 lbs.  Largest fish of the trip was 8-10 lbs.  Several 5-8 lbers.  Clients kept a few for eating.  Found the fish were stuffed full of kokanee and black leeches.  Big fish of the trip had nothing in it's belly.  Broke off 2 large fish, we were never able to get control of.  Boat speed 0.9-1.4 mph.  Scents, herring gel or bloddy tuna.  We camped for a couple of evenings.  Very cold in the am, warm in the afternoons.  first time I can remember that a full moon bite produced more fish than no moon.  All in all we had big numbers and great clients.  Hoping this next storm coming in will help keep the water level up so the launching stays good.  It is definitely time to catch a monster at UVR.
Union Valley--1-17-14--The lake is around 40% full.  Launching is still doable over by the dam, but changes daily.  You can see the end of the ramp about 10 ft. down.  SMUD has some large steel beams sticking up out of the concrete Just under the water  and is quite the hazard if you don't know they are there so be careful!!
Never did attempt to get the boat up on plane.  There are a lot of rocks and obstructions that aren't normally out there.   
Now for the fishing. Water temp was 45.9 degrees. With the full moon we figured that the bite would be a mid afternoon bite.  We figured wrong.  8 fish to the boat in just over 2 hrs. first thing!  Picked up 3 more later in the day.  Trolling speed .9-1.4 mph.  Lures of choice, Mack master, Code Blue double flutter, code blue dodger w/herring.  Several fish in the 5 lb range.  one in the high teens.  All in all just a great day on the water.  Was able to put our friend Dan, who is a novice at mack fishing, on his first ever Trophy. 

Now booking Trophy Mackinaw Trips at Union Valley.  We're are going to be fishing for as long as we got water to fish on.

2013 Fishing Reports

Fort Bragg--Ocean Salmon--A couple of friends of ours have been going out of Ft. Bragg for the salmon the last few days.  They have been catching some really nice fish up to 30#.  The hot set up is our Salmon Dodger Pro Pack w/ the Krilledible Hoochie.  You can read more of the report at on the salmon board.  This is a great fishing forum.
July--I have been fishing Union Valley Reservoir for the last few weeks for Macks and Kokes.  The koke bite is slow at best but should improve shortly.  The mackinaw action is consistant.  Last trip we had seven, up to six lbs., to the boat.
 March 21-22--Union Valley Reservoir--Fished Yesterday and today...
Yesterday's bite seemed to be about normal.  First fish around 11:00, we ended the day with 4 fish to the boat.  2 fish were caught on a dodger/herring, hoochie combination, the other 2 on a New Double Flutter Lure..  It's the new Diamond Back DF with custom painted small mouth pattern.  All fish could be catagorized as rat macks.
Today, fished with a couple of Hookers and a long time friend.  We had just an outstanding day at UVR.
20 minutes into our trip we see the big arc rise up from the bottom and strike the dodger herring.   This fish put up a remarkable battle and tipped the scale at 20.2 lbs.  Not a bad way to start the am.
This fish was unable to be revived, so we did a full exam of her stomach and once again to our suprise, there was absolutly nothing in her stomach. 
Shortly before 10 the bite turned on and we put a nice qualitly fish in the boat that weighed about 3-4 lbs.
We had a very hot bite between 12 and 2 which gave us another 3 quality fish up to 8 lbs.
All fish today came on a Crush Glow or Code Blue dodger/herring combination.  Speed was 0.9-1.4 mph.  Depth 90-100 ft. of water.  Lots of debris in the water.  Water temp.  44 degrees.
All in all the last couple of days have been great on the water with abosolutly gorgeous conditions.
A big congrats go to our anglers for their catches.

Rick and his UVR trophy!  20.2 lbs             Steve's UVR Mack                      John's UVR Mack                 

  Ben's UVR Mack                      Adam's UVR Mack         Willy's UVR Mack

March 1-4--Union Valley Reservoir--Just finished 4 straight days fishing at Union Valey Reservoir.  And to say the least, the trophy macks are on the chew.  We are averaging about 4-10 fish per day in the 3-5 lb. range.  And one trophy fish per day has been common.  That's pretty good odds for fishing!
Ben Dixon, of Cameron Park, and our Pro Staffer, Adam Hull, produced the 2 largest fish out of the last 4 days.  Ben's was a solid 15 lbs. and Adams tipped the scale at 20 lbs.  Even my son Willy was able to come up fishing with me on my Sunday outing and produced a nice 12 lber. 
At the present time we are using dodger herring combos.  And we have been testing the new Mack Master dodger/hoochie combo, designed and proven by Pro staffer Adam.  We will have this new combo on the website soon, along with our new Signature Mackinaw Dodger.
We have found that the macks have moved off into deeper water.  Best depths 70-120 ft.  Set back 40-100 ft.  Boat speed 0.9-1.3 mph.  Water temp 40 degrees.  Conditions for trophy mackinaw will peak in the month of March.  We will be fishing between Spring storms due to road conditions. 
Check out the Mackinaw board at under Capt.Ken.

Union Valley Mack--Feb. 12, 2013             Union Valley Mack--Feb. 5, 2013

Feb. 11-12--Fished UVR yesterday and today, and found conditions absolutly beautiful and outstanding.  And the big fish even agreed. 
On Tues. we put four fish in the boat to 8#'s.  Lost one monster fish at the back of the boat.  Can't always get the big ones in the net.  But still managed to get a few others.
On Wed. we found the fish had moved off of their normal hangouts.  Moved to a back up area.  My client put a very nice healthy 31 inch mack in the boat on a dodger herring combo.  This fish put up an unbelievable fight all the way to the net.  After a few quick photos, we were worried about getting it released, but it ended up giving me a good slap and took off back down to his hole
All fish today were caught on our Dodger herring combo.  Note, our new Code Blue Signature dodger is a must have for the macks.
We found our fish today holding in 40-50 ft. of water, with the exception of Jeff's trophy that we found holding in about 130 ft.  this was the first deep fish of the season.
Boat speed .9-1.4 mph.  Water temp 39.5.  Some debris on the lake.  Boat Traffic, NONE! 
Black Ice still remains on the road in.  So drive Careful!


Feb. 4-5--Fished with clients the past 2 days.  Found the macks hungry and willing to play.  No shortage of Big Macks in this lake.
We found all of our fish holding on rocky structure anywhere the sunlight could reach.  39-50 ft. was our hot depth.  Found the fish in the same location 2 days in a row.
Caught a dozen rat macks in 2 days. Several fish from3 to 8 lbs. and one UVR trophy.
Had numerous big fish come up and follow the downrigger balls and even the boat at times.  Tried short set backs to nail these big boys but it didn't work.  All fish were caught with 75-100 ft. set back.  Boat speed .9-1.7 mph.  Water temp was 40 degrees. 
Best set ups--Gold Double Flutter Lure or a large Signature Code Blue Dodger with a frozen 5 inch herring.  All fish were caught on 10# test and medium action rods.  Lots of fun!

2012 Fishing Reports

July 21-22--Bear River Reservoir Monster!!--Started a two day trip looking for rainbows with no luck.  Decided each day to search for the macks and found them in their local hangout.  Deep Deep Deep.  110-135 ft. was the best depth.  We found massive arcs 20-40 ft. off bottom. 
This beautiful 39 incher was caugt by Andy Ferdani, from Sutter Creek.  His first ever mack.  Grin Shocked Grin
Depth 135 ft.  Massive arc at 100 ft.  50 ft. set back from the ball, using our Custom Painted Uv Pro Glow Kokanee Double Flutter Lure.  Scent Pro Cure Rainbow trout gel. Boat speed 1.2 mph.
Battle took 27 minutes. 10# test mono, 7 ft. medium action Loomis rod.
A true fish of a lifetime for this young man.  And one I will not forget anytime soon.

June 28-29--Union Valley Reservoir--
Had a group of young anglers for this trip to UVR.  First time mack and koke fishing.
Best depths for the kokes we found were at 35 and 45 for the larger fish.  Areas for the larger fish we found were over the deeper water off Sunset Point, in front of the dam and over by the pump house.
Although we were testing the Purpellow on one side of the boat, matching lures and dodgers and on the other side we ran our code blue dodgers with a Puprle/Pink mini skirt and Purple Diamond Spinner.  We found that the Purpellow produced a little better in the deeper water.  We will keep testing and see what happens when the fish go deeper.  All the lures were tipped with scented dyed corn. 
The mack action is definitly kicking into gear.  We had 3 fish yesterday evening.  all rat macks.  This am after finnishing with the kokes we decided to try for the macks one more time before we left.  Found large numbers of large fish holding at around 110-150 ft.  Tried for these monsters for a few hours and couldn't get anything to bite so we moved up into shallower water and Wyatt ended up catching this really nice mack on a dodger herring combo.  This fish proved to be a great fight on 10# test.  A great job done by the young man.
Water temp 65 degrees.  Boat speed 1.2-1.7 mph.  Herring Gel Scent.  100 ft. set back.  40 ft. off bottom.
Had a great time fishing with these young men.
We'll be back on the water soon.  Now is a great time to book a UVR Mack trip.
It was a great day fishing with our future fishermen.  Hope you enjoy the pics.
June 17-13--Hell Hole Reservoir--On day one at Hell Hole we found the fish holding in the top 30-40 ft. of water.  With a slow bite at best.
Weather was warm and sunny.  by mid week the kokes had moved down to their typical holding pattern 50-60 ft.  and starting to school heavily.  Best dodger color was our Code Blue,  Lures,  Purple/pink mini skirt,  Spinner, Purple Diamond.  Also we tested our new Dodger/Lure combo the colors are 50/50 in Glow Purple/Glow Yellow  This was named by you hookers as the "Purpellow"  This was killer for the kokes.  It will be on the website soon.
Best depths--45-60ft.  boat speed 1.2-1.7 mph.  Pink dyed corn with garlic scent, or white corn with tuna scent. (Thanks Freon!! Cheesy)
Set backs, 3-10 ft. behind a shark weight or 50-75 behind lead ball.
Average fish size 14-17 inches  and as fat as ticks on a hound dog. Grin
Looking for conditions to improve with the warmer weather.

Although our main objective was to target kokes and mackinaw, we were rewarded with a beautiful German Brown.  Here's the story...

Fishing with clients, the O'Brian Family from Geortown, we started early am for kokes and were rewarded with almost limits of fish 14-17 inches.  As the wind picked up we changed over to looking for trophy macks.  We were running a large dodger/herring combo 10 ft. off bottom, when rigger #2 snagged the HH bottom.  While backing up to retrieve the rigger ball the dodger/herring got stuck on the bottom.  After the ball was freed, we tried to retrieve the herring and was able to pull it free from the bottom.  While trying to gain control of the boat in the high winds the dodger herring was left on its own still close to the bottom about 70 ft. deep.  Seconds later screams and hollars came from excited clients,  Fish On, rigger 2.  I was supprised because I had thought that I had pulled the herring from the dodger when it was snagged.  When I looked up at the rod, it was pegged in the water and between the boat and shore was this beautiful brown 3 ft. out of the water with the dodger trailing.  The clicker was screaming as my client tried to retreive line as the fish tried to race us along the shore line.  To make a long story short, we were able to keep the fish under control.  Great fight, held under the boat for a long period of time, every time it saw the net, it would head for the shoreline.  Finally got it in the net.  It was hooked deep in the throat, must have engulfed the herring.  No reviving this fish.  So the client determined to have it put on the wall.

May 25-June 1--Union Valley Reservoir--We fished UVR for the last 7 days.  We had weather ranging from heavy snow to 85 degrees.  to say the least the bite was slow, due to the low pressure system that came thru over the weekend.  Friday was our best day for the macks and the kokes.  Probably due to the warmer weather.  The lake is full to the brim.  Lots of campsites available.  And little to no bear activity.
The kokanee fishing was slow.  We averaged 3-5 kokes a day.  Our largest was right at 16 inches.  Most fish averaged about 14.  best depths 11-20 ft.  Lures of choice, Code Blue Dodger, Purple Spinner and Code Blue dodger with a Purple/Pink mini skirt.  Early am and note Wink  the best bite 4-6 pm boated the most and the largest.  Scent-Garlic, Pro Cure dyed pink corn.

For the Mackinaw we found the fish holding tight to all structure, with a severe case of lockjaw.  We averaged 2 fish a day.  Marked many, many trophies, had several of the big marks come up and hit the dr balls and make the downriggers shake on the boat.  Best set up for the macks, Gold and Silver Double Flutter, Dodger w/Herring.  All coated in Pro Cure Herring Gel.  Speeds 1.2-1.7 mph  best depths 50-70 ft.

Friday the mack bite really turned on.  Figures since it was our last day on the lake. Angry  We returned to where we had been seeing the big marks on the screen day after day, only to find them suspended about 20-30 ft. off bottom.  This tells me the big macks were on the hunt.  First pass with dodger/herring 30 ft. off bottom scored.  Only to be lost at the side of the boat.  No Big Deal!!  Rebaited and took a second pass, watched a big arc come right up to the ball and Fish On!!!  Nice battle on light line.  We were able to put this fish in the boat, but were unable to revive it.  So it gave us an opportunity to examine what it has been eating.  To my supprise, absolutely nothing in its stomach and it had 2 large egg sacks.  So I would say that the mack bite is deffinitly getting ready to  spring into gear.

All in all a great trip with Family, Friends and Clients. Looking for the koke and mackinaw bite to be improving daily with this warm weather.   

May 17--Union Valley Reservoir--Arrived o'dark thirty at UVR.  Lake is full to the brim.  Water temp. 60 degrees.
Found the macks in a strange holding pattern.  They were tight, snug on the bottom.  Couldn't get them to strike unless we drug the lures thru the sand. 
The big fish of the day was about 16 lbs.  Had a big donut shaped callus under its chin from resting on the bottom.  I have seen this alot thru the years.  Marked alot of trophys today.  Had alot come up and look at bait.  One big one took it but ended up breaking off.  Boat speed 1.2-1.7  Best depth 50-70 ft.
Had some happy clients today.  The mack bite is deffinitly heating up, along with the koke bite.

April 30--Pyramid Lake--
Fished Pyramid lake for the last 4 days.  Found fish that wanted to bite from 9-25 ft.  Best lures for our crew was our Diamond Spoons with Green, Orange with black spots. or the Nickel Code Blue Spoon.  Double Flutters produced quite of few fish, Nickel/Code Blue, Gold w/red stripe.
Boat Speed 2.2-2.7 mph.  Locations, warrior point and seperator produced the best for us.
Todays bite was slow at best we foound our fish off Pelican in 35 ft. of water.  Sat. and Sunday the bite was off the hook for us.  Fri. evening we managed 3 fish for 3 hrs.  All in all a great trip. 
And for those of you planning to fish Pyramid, I would suggest you have a gold spoon in your arsenal.

April 20--Fished Union Valley Reservoir today.  Water temp started out at 49 degrees and climbed up to 54 degrees by the end of the day.  Beautiful spring day, snow still down to the water.  The lake is rising quick with the snow runoff.
The mack bite was slow at best.  We managed one nice mack today on a dodger herring combo.  Threw everything we had at them, but only had the one bite.
Looking for the bite to improve as the weather warms

April 6--Union Valley Reservoir--Met with a couple of clients this morning at UVR.   Cold, Cold, Cold.  18 degrees, water temp was 41 degrees.  Ice on the ramp.  Lake is about 60% full.  Some debris in the water.  Marked lots of trophy fish today.  Could only entice one to take the bait. 
Todays fish came on a Custom Signature 8 in. dodger herring combo.  Boat speed ws 1.5 mph.  We found this fish right on the bottom at about 50 ft. of water.  This fish was red hot from the start.  Grabbed the bait and headed for the deep water.  When we finally got the other 2 rods cleared we were over about 110ft. of water and could see the fish on the screen.  16 minute battle brought this beauty to the boat.  You know it's a good fish when your client looks down in the water and says "Holy S#$T!"  A quick net job and Matt had his first mack ever.  And his first fish in the double didgets.  Matt did a great job battling this fish and as you can see in the photos this fish did not survive.  He was gorged with small mouth bass and ended up choking on one. 
All in all these guys were great to have on the boat.  We all worked together as a team.  One great day!  One great fish!  and  one hell of a good time!
UVR Piggy                                 Bloated on Fish!

March 29--Lake Berryessa--Started out early. The morning started out pretty slow with nothing but rainbows, so we moved over to skiers cove.  Picked up what ended up being the biggest koke of the day.  I was using the 5 1/2 inch Chrome Plasma dodger with a Orange Crush Diamond Mini Skirt.  Then we got nothing, until we heard from Kenny Mack that they were getting limits over on the flats by the ranch house.  So we picked up and made the move.  As soon as we got the rods in the water we had doubles, triples and quads of quailty kokes.  Then Ben pulled out what turned out to be the hot set up of the day, which was our Pro  Pack=Copper/Orange Dodger with a Orange Crush spinner.  This produced none stop action until the end of the day.  This was the best set up of the day, with purple mini skirt next.  We caught fish at speeds of 1.2-2 mph.  Lots and lots of fun. 

Ben's Berry Koke                 Ken's Berry Koke

The Hot Set-up for the day.            Even the rainbows were nice.

March 10--Fished UVR today with My Friends Flip and John.  First time on the lake for Flip for the lake trout. So it was only right that he got first blood! Grin

This beauty weighed in at 15 lbs.

Found it a tough bite with the full moon and all.  Water temp was 43 degrees.  marked fish from 50-70 ft.  had one bite, had one photo op, and a quick release and our 7 hour day of fishing was done.

Feb. 25--Headed to UVR this morning to spend a quality day with my son Willy.
We had the lake to ourselves today.  Not another boat on the water.  We ran Double Flutters, Assassins, and a new Dodger Herring combo I have been working on for awhile.
Today, all fish came on the dodger herring combo.  One nice quality fish and 4 small rat macks to the boat.  Boat speed 1.5-1.7 mph.  Depth 20 ft. off bottom.  Found the fish hungry and active.  Largest fish of the day was stuffed full of kokes.  Willy was able to handle all of the catching today. 
Willy's Big one of the Day.                     One following the lure in. 

February 22--Folsom Lake--Headed to the valley with my fishing buddy Tony. launched out of Browns ravine and headed to the honey hole. Started fishing right around 7:00 am. No boats in sight.
Water temp was 51 degrees. boat speed 1.7-1.9 mph. 
The plan was to start off testing some new tackle which consisted of some custom painted spoons. Set the riggers at 45, 55 and 65 ft. Hit 3 in the first hour, thought we had something hot going. All quality fish 13-14 inch. Then we hit the typical Folsom doldrums. Nothing for a couple of hours.
From 11:30-12:30 the bite turned red hot. Seen one fish about 21 inches caught right next to us so we knew we were in the right spot. Marked several nice fish at about 100 ft. right on the bottom. Had the riggers set at 50. We got to watch a big arc come right up from the bottom toward the downrigger ball, and oh yeah, we were using shark weights with a 4 ft. set back . Was able to watch the rod tip sink into the water as the fish hit and went straight back down to the bottom. I yelled fish on! Tried to get my partner to get the fishing pole but he was busy taking care of business, so I grabed the pole, instantly had to loosen the drag, realizing how big this fish really was. This fish was smokin hot. Not one but 3 massive runs to the bottom, made for quite the battle. You know it's big when your net man says "Holey S%$#T" when the fish gets close to the boat. Was able to finese the fish into the net after a long battle. Definitly my personal best. All in all, very exciting to see the fish on the bottom, then come up and take the lure.
Today was definitly a chartruese bite. We even went as far as dying our herring in Pro Cure chartruese bait dye.
This fish was caught using our Super Glow Melon Tiger Dodger with our Premium Glow Hoochie.
Ended the day with five to the boat. everything went according to plan. Would just like to say...I won't soon forget this day.
Finally got to put the fish on the scale...came in at 5.5 lbs. thick as a football.

Union Valley Mack

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